Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A MIssion

I have a bone to pick with about half the churches in the united states... One of my friends went on a mission trip to Japan with her church.  And they stayed in THE NICEST HOTEL IN THE CITY!!!! There is something wrong with that!!!  If you go on a mission trip to tell poverty stricken people, people who have next to nothing, that Jesus loves them, and you are staying in the nicest hotel in the city... Can you seriously think that you can get through to them!?!?!?!?!? Those people will just think to themselves, "you can say that, you're rich and have everything you need.  Yet you come to me and tell me you understand what I am going through when I struggle every day just so I can have enough food to give to my starving children!" Seriously? Do people really, truly believe they can talk to the lowest of society, the poor and the destitute, when they have never even come close to experiencing what those people have been through?????
Granted, not all churches are like that.  But it just made me a little upset.  Misson trips aren't supposed to be "fun" but so, so many people think that they can go on a mission trip and tell people about jesus, and go shopping, and look at the sites.  When that happens, it ceases to be a misson and turns into a vacation!!!!  A mission is suposed to be about JESUS, nothing else.  Take my cousin, who went to Cambodia for a month on a MISSION.  He lived with a host family there who, in American terms, were super poor.  My cousin ate what they ate.  And it was a struggle for them to find food every day.  My cousin even had to eat dog.  He said that dog tastes like wet-dog smells.  SOmetimes, my cousin had to even scavenge for food.  But the whole time he was serving.
Telling people about Jesus, holding orphaned and starving children, cleaning toilets (and believe me, toilets in cambodia are not like the ones here.  Take the nastiest, grossest bathroom you have ever been in, get rid of the 'toilet' and and a hole in the ground that people poop in, and you are starting to get an idea of bathrooms in different countries)
That is a mission trip.  To do the lowest and dirtiest of labors while smiling.  To rock a dyeing child and tell him/her that everything will be okay.  To tell everyone you meet that Jesus loves them!!! And he wants them to KNOW him!!!!  To serve, instead of to be served.  That is also the definition of LOVE.