Monday, August 26, 2013


A lot of people think that the Lord doesn't speak to us.  I am hear to tell you otherwise.  I have heard the lord plenty of times, mostly through dreams.  Maybe because we are more receptive during sleep???  Anyhow, this is the dream I started having when I was almost ten... I had this dream for almost two years.
My Dream
When I was ten years old I had the same dream almost every night for two years. Finally, I figured out that Jesus was trying to tell me something. After I figured that out, the dreams stopped. This is the dream.
I stood on a mountain that was covered with pine trees. I saw many children running around. They were all different nationalities. The children ranged from the age of six to sixteen. Almost all of them were girls. Then, in the dream I saw one child who was different. She might have been twelve. Her eyes were cloudy with scars all around them. The dream zoomed in on her and the scene changed.
Now I was standing in a large cement room. There were many cages. There was a girl in every cage except one. As I watched, another girl was dragged into the room and tossed into the only empty cage. It looked as if someone had clawed her face. Blood dripped into her eyes but she didn’t seem to notice. She curled up in her cage, looking utterly hopeless.
I don’t know how but I knew that because she could no longer see, she was no use to the person who ‘owned’ her. I knew that he was going to rid of her (kill her).
All of the other children reached through their cages, trying to reach her to comfort her. When the girl (whose name was Xiwang which is Chinese for ‘hope’) was unresponsive, the other children tried something else. They all started singing. I knew that they were speaking a different language, but I could understand. This is what they said:
Amazing grace,
How sweet the sound
That saved a retch like me.
I once was lost,
But now I’m found,
Was blind but now I see.
Then another voice joined the children’s:
When we’ve been there ten thousand years;
Bright shining like the sun;
There’s no less days;
To sing God’s praise
Then when we’ve first begun.

The children looked shocked when the other person joined them singing. The person walked into the room. That was when I realized, the person who had just walked in was an older me (that was a little disturbing because I had the feeling that I was seeing my own future). Future Me picked the locks on all of the cages.
Every night the dream got more intense, I saw how they got away… Although I don’t remember much of those dreams. I also saw what had happened before that, those girls were child slaves.  People would pay to... Do stuff to them.  Sometimes, I heard the Lord’s voice telling me that I was meant to save them.

This is my dream, my future, my life.

Another Dream
I saw a small boy in an orphanage in Russia, his name is Daniel.  He was waiting for someone.  He would sit in the window and stare out, waiting for someone who would adopt him.  Many people would come to the orphanage looking for a child and time after time, they always looked right over him, as if he didn't even exist.  No one wanted him, he was different.  And he feared that he would never have a family, because he knew that no one wanted to adopt older kids.
The Lord told me that someday I would be the one to adopt him.  Whether that was literal or metaphorical, you decide.  But I do know that in a couple years I am moving to Russia to help the orphans there who have no hope left.  I am going to Russia to love the children who feel like no one will ever love them.  And then hopefully, a couple years after that I will travel to hostels in India, Nepal, and China to rescue child slaves.  The Lord speaks to us, maybe my dreams were metaphorical, maybe I will never meet either Daniel or Xiwang, maybe they are only symbols as to what my Lord Jesus will have me do, or maybe not.  Either way I am going.  I am going to make a difference by shining the light of the Lord where no light has ever reached.
This isn't just a cool story, it is a challenge   Listen for the Lord's voice and you will hear him.  We are all meant to make a difference, In a couple years, I am going to make a change in Russia, but I'm not going to wait to bloom until I'm transplanted.  I can make a difference right here, in Trophy Club Tx.  And I will.  WILL YOU? Wherever you are BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED!!!