Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spiritual Warfare

Whoever sees this, please pray for me.  I have been undergoing some serious spiritual warfare lately.  Satan knows I'm going places, so he's throwing all he's got at me the way he does right before something big happens.  But I've been exhausted, completely drained of energy.  Last week my dog died. Oreo was my friend, yes he was a dog, but he's been with me longer than my little sister, he was family.
Then today, I brought my guitar to school to practice during lunch because I'm learning some of my favorite songs in Russian to help me with the language.  And one of my "friends" (notice the quotation marks) started yelling at me about playing it because it was a Christian song (it was Here I am to Worship, it's a beautiful song!) and then of course he starts making fun of the way I play.  He's more into power chords and harmonics, I do songs and melodies and chords.  Neither is a bad way to play, just different and he was making fun of the way I play.
And on top of it all, no matter how early I go to bed, I still feel utterly drained when I wake up.
So, just pray for me.  I know Satan's just being extra pig-headed right now because he knows that i will pull hundreds of thousands of souls out of his clutches and he hates me for it.  Papa Jesus has told me the work I shall do for him, and when it comes down to it, Satan is just like a little child throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants.
To everyone out there, remember that.  You have a purpose.  And every, single morning when you get out of bed, Satan face-palms and says, "Good grief! He (or She)'s up!"
Signing off :)  Love you all!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Languages and stuff

So, I'm starting to get annoyed with myself.  I love languages ad I keep trying to learn them.  But the problem is, I keep trying to learn 5 or 6 at the same time.  Ug!  Turns out, if you try to learn Khamer (pronounced kah-my), Chinese, Hindi, Spanish and Russian at the same time, your brain pretty much explodes and you forget EVERYTHING!!!! Ug, I keep having to start over.  So, since last summer I decided to try and focus on one at a time.  I've been working on Russian since then.  Only Russian.  But I am having a really hard time with it.  They have a completely different alphabet with completely different letters.  I finally learned it and can read Russian now, but I don't know what anything means.  So I went to memorizing a russian-english dictionary.  Thats going ok, and thankfully their sentence structure is pretty simple and verbs have pretty simple conjugations too.
Now heres the hard part.  They conjugate their Nouns!  I am having a terrible time with that.  Since we don't do that in english and it is terribly difficult for me to grasp.
Keep praying for me guys!!!  I will get it eventually... I hope.

Friday, April 25, 2014

I love this quote, it's written on the inside cover of my Bible, "I am a Christian.  You can ridicule me.  You can torture me.  You can even kill me. But you CANNOT change my mind!"  We, as Christians, know a love unlike any other.  When you meet a love like this, there is nothing that will make you give it up.
Anyhow, that is just something cool I wanted to share :)  So, I realized today that besides the fact that my life goal is to go to Russia, I realized that I haven't ever really posted anything about myself on here, and that surprised me because, well, I'm a very open person.  So, here goes.

Surface level:
I am presently 16 years old, my birthday is June 4th, I love fire, my favorite color is white, I have never liked soda, and my favorite animal is a cow (don't judge, cows are AMAZING!!!) :)
I am in FFA at school (future farmers of america) and am raising a purebred Satin rabbit for competition :)  Her name is Patience (that was the WRONG thing to name her!!!!!  She bit me once!!! My friends found that seriously funny -_-)
Displaying photo.JPG
My best friend's name is Megan, this is her:

(Oh!  sorry, there's a lot of people in this picture.  She's the blond one, haha) :)

Deeper stuff:
I'm a Jesus freak and want everyone to know that.  Most people (in america anyhow) don't believe in 'Jesus things' you know, talking in tongues, angels and demons, spiritual warfare, miracles, ectera.  I do.    Why?  I've seen Jesus-things, and I won't go into the details at this time because then everyone will think I'm insane (You know, more than I actually am, haha).  I love adventure and will set the world on fire!!! (that's a metaphore.  No, I'm not actually going to go around setting stuff on fire)
So yeah, that's me :)  I'm that crazy person who's always dancing and singing and loving Jesus :)
JESUS IS GOING TO COME BACK FOR US AND WE ARE ALL GOING TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!  COME FOR US PAPA!! Holy Spirit, you are welcome here!  Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere!  Your glory God is what our hearts long for, to be overcome with your presence here. Oh, holy spirit. (haha, luv that song) ;)

There CAN be Miracles

I've known I was going to be a missionary every since I was ten years old, when the lord told me I was to rescue child slaves in India and China (look at earlier post titled Dreams for the story behind that).  I never thought of going to Russia, It never even crossed my mind.  But a year and a half ago, when I was 15, I had another dream.  I saw a little boy sitting next to a half-boarded up widow with his hand pressed against the frosty glass.  He was  waiting for someone.  The Lord told me his name, Daniel, and told me to go to him.  He told me I would find him in Russia. Of course my first response to that is: "Sure lord, let me just get out my snowshoes and travel to the middle of nowhere and find this little boy who is somewhere in THE BIGGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!"  (haha, sarcasm was heavy there.  I wonder why Papa is still putting up with me?  I'm extremely dense.) :)
A couple weeks later, I had another dream.  I was walking through an airport, there were a ton of people and the airport looked new but was pretty small.   In the dream, I knew that I had just gotten off of a plane in Russia.  There was one person who stood out in the crowd.  She was short-ish with white hair, but her face didn't look any older than 40.  She was waiting for me.  I walked through the crowd and asked her, "Where am I supposed to go?"  She showed me a map, pointed to a certain place on it, and said, "Fifteen minutes north-west of Moscow."  Then, I woke up.
The next morning, I googled "Map of Moscow and surrounding area" the first one that popped up was the map I'd seen in my dream.  This one:

All of this was too specific for me to have just made up.  It's not a coincidence, it's a Jesus thing.  So, I set my sights on Russia.  I kept trying to figure out how to get there on my own, I even went so far as to obsess over it for a while until Papa got me to chill out by promising me that HE would get me to Russia in HIS time.
I figured I might as well go on another trip while waiting for Papa to work it out for me, so that summer I tried to go on a mission trip to Cambodia.  Last minute, everything fell through and I couldn't go.  That was really disappointing because I had truly had faith that Papa would work it out for me.  Since I didn't have anything to do that summer, I ended up getting a job and earning a good bit of money before I quit.
A couple months ago, I tried to sign up to go to a mission school in Mozambique.  I really, really, wanted to go.  But once again, it fell through last minute and I wasn't able to sign up in time.  That too was very disappointing, because I had had such faith that it would work out.  But I still trusted Papa, and believed that it would work out.  I even went so far as to say to my best friend when she tried to make me feel better about the whole mess, "It's okay.  If Mozambique didn't work out, It means Papa has another plan and I'm okay with waiting."
I'm not sure how I had that attitude about it, because I'm not naturally a patient person, haha, but I continued to have faith and a couple months ago, (okay, this part is confusing): My Nanna told my mom that someone from their church who they knew but my mom had never really spoken too had come back from a long trip in Russia.  He is a long term missionary there and had come back to California for some reason or another. My Nanna gave my mom his email address and she emailed him, (she didn't even know him remember).  He responded and they started talking back and forth and my mom asked if I could go back to Russia with them  when they went.
Long story short, I'm going to California for a bit to meet them and see if I'm compatible with him and his family (I'm a super friendly person, so here's hoping!) and if it works out, I'll be going to Russia with them.
Now, here the miracle.  MY MOM IS THE MOST OVER-PROTECTIVE PERSON I KNOW.  Of all the places in the world, Russia is number 1 on her list of Do-Not-Go-Here, the first time I told I wanted to be a missionary in Russia, she practically told me I was insane.  She's not only letting me go (with someone she barely knows) but is also helping me get there.
If I had been able to sign up for Mozambique, I would have been there the entire summer instead of Russia, where my heart lies.  If I had been able to go to Cambodia, I wouldn't have gotten a job and wouldn't have the money to go.  Because I had faith, and trusted in the lord, he totally put peace in my momma's heart so that she's not only letting me go, but is also figuring a lot of the larger aspects of the trip (passport and paperwork and stuff) out for me, and is even helping me pay for it!
I now truly know what it means to have faith to move a mountain.  FOR PAPA HAS MOVED MOUNTAINS FOR ME!!!!!!!! And I am going to Russia.