Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spiritual Warfare

Whoever sees this, please pray for me.  I have been undergoing some serious spiritual warfare lately.  Satan knows I'm going places, so he's throwing all he's got at me the way he does right before something big happens.  But I've been exhausted, completely drained of energy.  Last week my dog died. Oreo was my friend, yes he was a dog, but he's been with me longer than my little sister, he was family.
Then today, I brought my guitar to school to practice during lunch because I'm learning some of my favorite songs in Russian to help me with the language.  And one of my "friends" (notice the quotation marks) started yelling at me about playing it because it was a Christian song (it was Here I am to Worship, it's a beautiful song!) and then of course he starts making fun of the way I play.  He's more into power chords and harmonics, I do songs and melodies and chords.  Neither is a bad way to play, just different and he was making fun of the way I play.
And on top of it all, no matter how early I go to bed, I still feel utterly drained when I wake up.
So, just pray for me.  I know Satan's just being extra pig-headed right now because he knows that i will pull hundreds of thousands of souls out of his clutches and he hates me for it.  Papa Jesus has told me the work I shall do for him, and when it comes down to it, Satan is just like a little child throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants.
To everyone out there, remember that.  You have a purpose.  And every, single morning when you get out of bed, Satan face-palms and says, "Good grief! He (or She)'s up!"
Signing off :)  Love you all!!!